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Can the Squash contingent live upto their expectations in Asian Games?

Men’s Singles and Team

India has a good chance of going into the finals of team competition as they have the top-ranked player in Asia Sourav Ghosal in their team. He is ranked no 12 in the world and has won Silver in last Asian Games. In the finals, they are likely to face Hong Kong who has three players ranked inside 25 of the world. The other players of Indian Team Harinder Pal Singh Sandhu and Ramit Tandon are ranked 59th and 62 in worldrespectively. If India has to repeat their gold medal in team event again, then one of the players other than Saurav Ghosal has to stand up and win a match in finals to secure consecutive gold medals.

India is the favorites to win Gold medal in Singles event as they have the top-ranked player of Asia in their squad. He just has to be psychologically strong and withstand the pressure to overturn the Silver Medal last time into Gold in these Games.

 Saurav will face competition from Max Lee and Leo Au of Hong Kong. The 12th ranked Indian should play its best in the tournament and display all his skills to dominate other opponents and secure first individual gold for India in Squash.

According to our analysis, India will win medals in both categories but the color of medal can be decided based on performances of players on the day in court.

Women’s Singles and Team

Indian women’s team are favorites to reach finals as they have Joshna Chinappa ranked 16th and Dipika Pallikal ranked 20th in their team. They will face a stiff challenge from the Hong Kong team who have Annie Au ranked 11th and Joey Chan ranked 21st in their squad.

 Malaysia can give fight if other players than Nicol David play well in the team competition. Both of the Indian players have a lot of experience playing in world circuit which will help them in crucial situations at these games. They should be able to win their matches against players from Hong Kong and Malaysia so that third Indian player does not come into play. If India has to win the Gold in the team event. Joshna and Dipika have to perform their best at these games and win their matches.

Joshna and Dipika are expected to reach the semifinal stage, after that they will face the top two players in Asia in that stage. Both of them are capable of beating Annie Au or Nicol David on their given day.

In comparison to last Asian games, Joshna and Dipika have gained a lot of experience by playing with players of different styles around the circuit. If they are able to bring their best performance and experience into play when they are playing the top players, we can expect gold from one of these women.

From Semifinals it will be battle of nerves and strategies rather than their skills. If the Indian women can come up with strategies to upset these women. They have a good chance of getting the top medals in the games.

According to our analysis, Indian women will win a medal in both categories, but the color can be decided on what kind of performance they deliver on match day.

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    12 in the world and has won Silver in last Asian Games. Never give up! Failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding.

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