Ravi Kumar and Apurvi Chandela shoot the First Medal for India in Asian Games 2018

Ravi Kumar and Apurvi Chandela won a bronze medal in 10m Air Rifle team event. Gold went to Chinese Taipei duo of Lin Yingshin and Lu Shaochuan and Silver went to Zhao Ruozhu and Yang Haoran of China.

Chinese Taipei was leading the pack after 20 shots with a score of 205.9, India was second with a score of 205.5 and Korea was third with a score of 205. After 30 shots Chinese Taipei increased their lead to 3.2 points and had a score of 320.5 while India’s score was 317.8. Korea maintained their third place with 317.8 but reduced the difference to 0.1.

In the finals, till 30 shots no team is eliminated. After that, for every four shots, a team gets eliminated from finals. Mongolia got eliminated first with a score of 346.6. At that point, Chinese Taipei maintained their first place with 350.8 and Korea got up to Second place with a score of 349.2 India Slipped to third place 349.0 and their lead became a deficit of 0.2. China stood at fourth place 348.2.

Korea had a poor series of four shots and they dropped from second to fourth place. In a Dramatic turnaround, China jumped to Second spot with a very good series. India and Chinese Taipei maintained their third and first place respectively. Korea got eliminated to lose a chance of getting a medal(389.4).

Indian duo lost a bit of concentration and shot a poor series of 9.7,10.6,9.7 and 9.7. China upped their performance and came with a stunning series of 9.7,10.8,10.5 and 10.4. After this China continued to march into final series while India got eliminated and returned with a bronze.

In Final series of six shots Chinese Taipei maintained their consistently and won the first Gold Medal in Shooting. China should be happy with a Silver after the kind of start they had in finals.

Earlier in Day Korea topped qualification followed by India, Mongolia, China and Chinese Taipei. Indian duo should be very proud of their performance in finals and continue it in future tournaments. It is just a matter of time before they get used to this pressure and start winning Gold medals for the country.

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