WHAT IS KURASH?                                                                                              

Kurash is a form of upright jacket wrestling native to Uzbekistan, practiced since ancient times. It is played by two athletes one wearing a green jacket and other wearing a blue jacket.


For men, the entire bout lasts for 4 minutes and for women the entire bout lasts for 3 minutes.


There are three ways to win the bout-

First is Khalol (Pure Victory) – Arbitrator (Umpire) announces the appraisal in case if the throw on the back is done by a beautiful and accurate motion. This appraisal is awarded:

  • for two throws evaluated by YONBOSH appraisals;
  • if after the grid the opponent falls on his/her back (on both shoulder-blades);
  • after the announcement of GIRROM caution- is announced to the participant who committed a serious violation or who had the punishment of “DAKKI”:

i)Does in the course of the bout obscene cries, or offensive to the opponent and the judge’s gestures;
ii)If a wrestler is injured through the fault of the opponent, then the opponent is declared “GIRROM”, and the wrestler who received the injury is assessed “HALOL”.

  • for a throw evaluated by YONBOSH, and the opponent has a caution of DAKKI.
  • for not coming to gilam (tatami) in 3 minutes.

Yanbosh- This appraisal is given:

  • when wrestler made a throw by a strong, sharp, beautiful motion and opponent falls on his/her side;
  • after the announcement of DAKKI caution to the opponent
  • Dakki caution is announced to the participant, who made a medium violation, or has already received a TANBEKH:

i)for repeated intentional falls on the knee

ii)if the wrestler does not follow the arbitrator ’s commands, talks or cries out obscene expressions.

Chala- This appraisal is given –

  • when the wrestler throws the opponent on the thigh, buttocks, stomach or on his side, but with great technical errors, slowly and indistinctly;
  • Regardless of how many “CHALA” ratings the athlete has earned, the number does not unite
  • If both wrestlers have several “CHALA” scores, the winner is awarded to the wrestler who has the most number of CHALA ratings
  • Tanbekh caution is awarded or announced to the participant, who made minor violation like

i)the wrestler, running away on purpose, do not let the opponent catch him/her;

ii)the wrestler pushes in purpose the opponent out of gilam or himself/herself runs beyond the dangerous zone of gilam;

iii)the wrestler disorders in purpose his/her clothes (unties or reties his/her belt, trousers without the sanction of the arbitrator);

iv)the wrestler grips the opponent’s trousers or legs;

v) after a grip, the wrestler does not make attacking actions during 10- 15 seconds.



Men’s :-  66kg, 81kg, 90kg, +91kg

Womens:- 52kg, 63kg,78kg

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